Is Your Traffic Up 160%?

I love reading about my clients in the news.  It’s especially cool when I read about their growing sales or online traffic results.

A money manager buddy of mine at Wells Fargo Securities sent me this little gem last week…

“unique visitor growth accelerated in April, to up 155% yr/yr vs. up 41.4% last month. On a 2-year trend, traffic was up 160% vs. up 53% last month.”

This is an analyst’s report on the increased online traffic results for Foot Locker in the month of April.  Foot Locker is a long time Guidance client and a true success story in the online retail market today…

Old Mobile Vendor Gets the Boot in Favor of Guidance

Today’s article in Internet Retailer Magazine acknowledges the work that and Guidance did earlier this year to re-launch Foot Locker’s portfolio sites on a new and much improved mobile platform.

As shown on the iPhone 4

IR’s own Kevin Woodward offers a great enumeration of the functional enhancements and new features found in several of Foot Locker’s online brands, including Foot Locker, Champs Sports and CCS.

Leveraging Foot Locker’s online partner of over 10 years, Guidance was tapped to re-launch the online stores between January and early March of this year.  “By using them for our mobile sites we were able to share features and functionalities between our online channels,” said a familiar spokeswoman at Foot Locker.  The mobile sites were previously developed and hosted by a third-party mobile shop.

All told, Guidance launched 8 new mobile Foot Locker brands earlier this year, including Eastbay, Foot Locker, Champs Sports, CCS, Foot Action, Final Score, Kids Foot Locker, and Lady Foot Locker.  (When linking to those sites from this post, keep in mind it will take you to, for example, which is optimized for mobile vs. desktop browsing.)

Foot Locker Gets Moving With New Mobile Sites

Foot Locker – one of the largest mall-based athletic footwear and apparel retailers in North America – has become one of three consecutive mobile site launches for Foot Locker, Inc., parent company of Eastbay and Champs Sports, and a Guidance client since 1997.

To view the mobile site, go to on your mobile phone.

Batter up! Next on deck for mobile site launches are Lady Foot Locker, Final Score, Kids Foot Locker, CCS, and Foot Action, all scheduled to launch before the end of the month.

To learn more about Foot Locker, visit, and look for them at the Internet Retailer Conference and Expo this year.

Online Shopping Gets an A+

Parents are Doing their Homework Before Shopping for Back to School

The school year has officially started. And if you are a parent, you know how stressful back-to-school shopping can be. Books, backpacks, gym uniforms, clothes, shoes … the shopping list is endless. For decades, brick-and-mortar stores have prepared themselves to welcome and cater to the higher traffic that this very profitable time of year brings. But, what about online stores?

According to an August 2008 ‘Back to School’ survey by, more and more consumers are going online to shop for back-to-school merchandise, especially those purchasing items for college students, where 45 percent purchase online as opposed to 41 percent who buy at department stores.

Other interesting findings include:

  • 26 percent of back-to-school shoppers buy online while 33 percent prefer to buy at department stores.
  • 27 percent of back-to-school shoppers visit the retailer’s website to download and print out coupons and special offers before going to the store.
  • 38 percent visit comparison shopping online sites to research the best prices in back-to-school items.
  • Only 18 percent of back-to-school shoppers’ budgets are spent on school supplies per se. The remaining 82 percent are spent on clothing (including shoes), electronics and computer equipment, sporting goods and other accessories.

Guidance has worked with several of its clients to develop special campaigns or landing pages in anticipation of the back-to-school season:

  • A.C. Moore: Guidance prepared a back-to-school-themed email campaign for, a retailer specialized in arts and crafts supplies. The campaign featured special offers in back-to-school and related products. Almost 83,000 customers opened the email while 10,000 of them visited the website.
  • Clothing, shoes and sporting goods account for 60% of consumers’ back-to-school budgets for 2008. Taking this into account, log-time Guidance client,, has added a ‘Back to School’ section to their website that can be accessed from the site’s homepage.

To read the full ‘Back to School’ survey report, click here.