gets sylish new look…

Today, Guidance unveiled a new look for the company’s website.  Check it out…

FROM:  Christina P.
TO:  Guidance Team

I am so incredibly happy to announce that the newly redesigned website is now Live.

Where do I begin with the acknowledgments?  This has been a labor of love and dedication from all involved, and especially, I want to offer a huge thank you and congratulations to Sonia C. and her design team – they have worked endlessly to create a beautiful, clean, new design with pixel perfect dedication (no really – pixel perfect!); Norma S. for endless nights of copywriting to elegantly articulate our work, our services, and our partners’ capabilities all in a concise, lean web-friendly manner ; and to Robert J. – developer extraordinaire who despite being coerced into a Tech Lead role (which he handles brilliantly), really just can’t stay away from the heavy lifting. His drupal expertise allowed for our new site to sit on an elegant, user-friendly, highly customizable CMS that even someone like me can update easily and quickly.

Hats off to the other members on the A-team who include The Joshes (whoot), Romulo R., and Brenda H. at Summa for their amazing contributions to help us design and launch this site, all while juggling our various client commitments and workload.

As Jade told me early on in the project – “The Painter’s house is always the last house to be painted on the block.” Well, our house is now painted and it looks so pretty.  I am so proud of everyone’s commitment on this team. A true joy to work with.

Of course no site can launch successfully without the IT support of Jon L. and Charlie Q. who managed to get our new server up and running at the colo last week during a week of madness and other misfortunes of timing including the AC going out in the Server Cabinet.

And finally, I would like to also acknowledge the leadership of Jason Meugniot, who continually guided the direction of the site, reviewed all copy and content, and made himself available to the team (even when on vacation) in order to meet our launch deadline.  His input was focused and on point at every turn.

If the above seems bloated with gratitude and adjectives, it is because I am so proud of everyone involved.  I work with some amazing and talented people.

We will continue to add to and improve the site in the near future, so please send any and all feedback to my attention so that I can review it with the team.

Thank you again!

Christina P. | Project Manager

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