National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Photo:  REUTERS/U.S. Navy Photograph/Newscom/Handout

Sent via email to my staff today…

When I was about 20, I visited the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor.  The President today declared December 7th as National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.  I wanted to remind you all of this as we get into the tail of our busy Wednesday.  
My granddad fought in the war that began in Pearl Harbor, as many of your granddads did, too.  He passed away a few years ago.  But he is and will remain one of my true heroes.  
I’m not sure he would be proud of what he would read in the papers, today.  But it reminds me to find ways to honor him and the rest of his selfless generation, somehow.
Today, on December 7th, after 70 years, we are reminded again of the extraordinary strength of purpose and resolution of our Greatest Generation.  And as we head to lunch and return to finish our workday, consider ways that we can honor our WWII veterans, perhaps by showing some greatness ourselves whether at Guidance, or in our communities, schools, churches, synagogues or elsewhere. 

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