Good Morning M-Commerce Helpers…

“It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood!”  Mr. Rogers was right after all. In a recent look at the 300 largest M-Commerce companies – sequenced by M-Commerce revenue – Foot Locker ranks among the top.

Remember, Guidance developed M-Commerce sites earlier this year for multiple Foot Locker brands, including, and

Check out the competition:  Wal-Mart appeared at slot 4 with $127.7 million. Staples came in at a projected $45.3 million this year, followed by Best Buy ($37.9 million), Macy’s ($33.2 million), ($32.5 million), Foot Locker ($32 million), Sears ($31.7 million) and Overstock ($31.6 million).

Not a bad set of neighbors, Foot Locker. Congratulations on your mobile success this year!

Source:  Evan Schuman, StoreFrontBackTalk

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