Charity Tuesday: ONEHOPE Wine Supports Boys & Girls Clubs


My good friends at ONEHOPE Wine showcased the Santa Monica Boys and Girls Clubs in their Charity Tuesday campaign today.  Shoppers at ONEHOPE Wine were able to checkout and donate 10% of their purchase price to the Club.

Each Tuesday, ONEHOPE offers the “Shop & Give” drop-down on every product offered in the ONEHOPE Wine store.  10% from every product purchased at is donated to a charity of your choice from the drop-down.

Every Charity Tuesday, ONEHOPE introduces and features a new non-profit in the Shop & Give drop-down, allowing them to give hope to a greater number of important causes beyond those they support all year.



In addition to being a Guidance client, ONEHOPE is one of a few special companies in which I invest my time, energy and money.  Jake, Mike, Tom and their army of entrepreneurs are a bunch of good people up to good things.


I’m proud of their support of the local kids in our community.  And I hope you’ll remember ONEHOPE Wine the next time you’re shopping or dining out.

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