Wow… "bonus!"

Did you know that in 2010, of the companies in the US who traditionally pay bonunes, less than a third paid them out? And in 2009, less than 25% of companies paid out their bonuses!

At Guidance, we’ve been paying annual and even semi-annual bonuses consistently since September of 2003.

This morning, I had the pleasure of handing bonus checks to the Guidance employees for the profit period of 10/10 – 03/11. These days we pay them out every 6 months to get the cash into our employees’ hands quicker.

I heard some great stories about how, “…this money will really come in handy to furnish the new house I just bought,” and, “oh, I can’t wait to buy a new MacBook Air.”

Bonus day is always a good day. And I feel fortunate that Guidance is able to provide that for its team.

See you in another 6 months!


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