Together, for Haiti.

Together, for Haiti.

The devastating loss of life and property in Haiti as a result of the recent 7.0 earthquake is truly heartbreaking. I am reaching out to you so that, together, we help the victims in Haiti.

That is why Guidance is pledging to match every dollar donated by our employees and contractors to the Hands & Feet Project ( The Hands & Feet Project started in 2004 as a children’s village in Jacmel, Haiti, which now cares for more than 40 orphaned children ranging between two months and nine years of age. After the earthquake, the town of Jacmel was left in very bad condition, and it keeps getting worse every day without medical help, food or supplies. Funds from Guidance will provide immediate and long-term relief to the children of Jacmel.

Recognizing the urgency of the need for aid, Guidance will be matching all donations made through February 12, 2010, which will ensure prompt delivery of the funds raised.

In times of need, Guidance employees have gathered together to help those less fortunate. I know this time will be no different, and look forward to your support.

All the best,

Jason Meugniot

Jason Meugniot, CEO


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