Interesting facts about Magento Enterprise

I was recently at the 2009 Annual Summit in Las Vegas, where my company, Guidance, teamed up with new partner Magento, the fastest growing eCommerce platform in the world, to co-exhibit at the show. As one of Magento’s first Enterprise partners in the U.S., we got to hear first from current users of the platform who stop by our booth raving about the product.

Our crew spent three days at the show, and by the time it wrapped up, they pretty much knew Magento’s elevator pitch as good as they knew ours. They came back excited about the conversations they had with potential customers and other people they met at the show, and shared with me the following interesting facts about Magento software:

  • Magento’s Community version has been downloaded over 1 million since March 2008
  • Over 25,000 Web stores with over $25 billion in online revenue have been generated by Magento-engined stores — second only to eBay

  • An open source platform, Magento counts with over 50,000 developers on forum
  • A number of new customers who have recently purchased Magento Enterprise Edition and which are scheduled to launch later this year include 3M, Skype, Nespresso, Nokia, Liberty Media, The North Face, and Samsung.

Developed as an Open Source solution, Magento is relatively easy to use and simple to customize, allowing developers to create add-ons and plug-ins to expand the platform’s capabilities. Magento licenses are available in Community and Enterprise packages. The Community edition is available as a free download under the open source OSL 3.0 license, while the superiorly-architected Enterprise edition includes all of the features on the Community edition, like marketing promotions tools, analytics and reporting, and search engine optimization, plus new ones like advanced administrator roles and permissions, Web site and store views, content staging and merging, strong data encryption, and support for customer store credits, controlled catalog access per customer group, and private/club sales, including events, invitations and category access permissions. In addition, Magento’s Enterprise Edition offers guarantees and full product support which are not available for the Community edition — all at a fraction of the cost of most Enterprise eCommerce platforms.

Guidance is also an Authorized Reseller of Magento software. To learn more about our Magento deployment and customization services, call us (310.754.4000), email us, or visit our Web site at

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