New Guidance Social Commerce White Paper Released Today

Online Buyers Want Social Engagement, But Most Online Retailers Aren’t There Yet; Guidance Examines Trends, Shares Insights for Moving Forward

Helping online retailers thrive in an increasingly competitive environment, my company – Guidance – today unveiled a new white paper offering retailers insight into identifying which Web 2.0 and social technologies will keep customers coming back to their websites and spending money – and telling their friends to do the same.

Titled, “Social Commerce: The Essential Guide to Combining eCommerce + Social Networking,” the paper focuses the discussion on social capabilities integrated into eCommerce sites – bringing the social to the commerce – rather than the other way around, where online retailers target consumers on social networking sites. Some of those social and Web 2.0 features include user-generated product reviews, forums through which people can talk to each other, video product demonstrations and many others.

While some retailers are blazing trails in social commerce, most are slow to act because they’re overwhelmed by an ever-evolving list of “must-have” features, creating a disconnect between the increasingly social experience consumers get almost everywhere online, versus what they encounter on most retail websites. Retailers that understand and exceed consumer expectations will find it easier to thrive in this stormy financial climate. And, they’ll be better prepared for the robust recovery when it happens.

Throughout the paper, Guidance retail and social commerce specialists discuss what’s possible and what’s actually happening in social commerce on retail websites today, what consumers expect from the online shopping experience, where those expectations come from and how retailers can and should respond.

The white paper is available for free download here.

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