My Company is Cool. Is Yours?

Want some great ideas for creating that cool company environment? My Guidance team has some great ideas for you.

First, ask some of your employees if they would be interested in leading and participating on a voluntary committee – we call ours the Cool Company Committee or “CCC”. Be sure that the team is “self formed” and that its chairperson is someone of influence and committed to your company’s mission and core values.

Talk about your basic goals. For example, our CCC focuses on 4 primary objectives which are:

  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Improve office morale
  • Enhance office communication
  • Decrease employee turnover rate

Then baseline the “coolness” of your company by sending out a survey asking your employees key questions about their satisfaction at the company. A few questions our CCC asked in 2008 include:

  • Do you feel management abides by our Core Values?
  • If you offer an idea that is implemented but get no credit, who, if anyone, does get the credit?
  • Do you feel company-sponsored events help improve employee relationships?
  • If you have problems at work, is there anyone other than your superior you can talk to?

Use the results of the survey to take your goals and make them actionable. This year, we are focusing on more frequent company-sponsored events to get people together outside of their daily work environment. Our CCC has created a “New Employee Welcome Package” and they’ve taken on “Office Communication” by starting a Company Newsletter.

Ask your CCC for an annual budget and GIVE IT TO THEM. Don’t hold back. It’s important to the success of the program that they be responsible for their own budget. Nothing will squelch positive momentum faster than doing “fun” on the “cheap.”

Let the ship sail… Your CCC, their events and the results they produce will work best if you let it go. If you “manage” the group or dictate how it should operate, you will lose the first “C” which is “cool”. All you’ll be left with is another company committee. So let your Cool Company ship sail and enjoy the ride.

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